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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  July 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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abused a over 10 years. they said it then he didn't agree with something that would hit him for of the five family members in custody and charged with animal abuse the district attorney says the cap and mistreated 25 dogs who lived with the human patients in horrible conditions no running water inside the house no toilet paper they could use, there was dog excrement you're in throughout the house, some victims were in clothes that had been urinated on the family lawyer says they cannot say much she just got the case. we will provide an adequate investigation to look into all allegations let the facts fall were the made if that family member not yet charged that is expected to
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happen soon all the defendants expect to be back in court august 21st to enter pleas. today yacht who pulled off a coat nabbing its new ceo from one of its biggest competitors formal global executive marissa meyer takes the top job tomorrow in 13 years ago she lost the popular products including image search news an e-mail features. she brings cash aid to that job a guy who has thought a lot of ceos but no one with the silicon valley brand of appeal of mired it is believed one for biggest impacts to make chaco accessible to software engineer spirit a live look and mobile 5 at third street and oakdale and san francisco bay view district activist held a vigil to mark
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the shooting death of kenneth harding junior. a year ago today he was shot and killed by police officers conducting a fair inspection when they say harding fired at them investigators ruled harding accidentally shot himself but his mother refuses to believe it. there is never a gun recovered only as cellphone, no way he could have shot himself what about the 10 holes in his back protesters blocked muni traffic at the bows avenue and third street for one hour we monitor tonight's vigil. a strike but justice on hold in san francisco, joe vasquez tells us workers walked off the job. not a surprise strike, hundreds of new workers picketed and disrupted the superior court system the if you have jury duty go
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home file for divorce has to wait a surprise strike a two hundred court room workers put a flat tire and the wheels of justice in san francisco at the civil courts building i found frustrated people and putting a board in an unmarked boxes. hall of justice saying that court room at commission today the hallways in usually bustling almost completely empty. that ban totalitarian about the man's not bargaining in good face good-faith they're not concerned about a pay cut the mostly angry this date will not provide with financial information essential details to explain why there on the receiving end of cuts every year since 2008. we have the right to access that information it is the point we cannot faithfully negotiate or enter into a deal without
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knowing the budget numbers i'm not saying justice at a point is the level the justice continues. the court ceos said management was ready and a step in with a strike plan. no criminal trials have been released because of the stride it is business as usual. is it inconvenient absolutely. the court ceo said they get more than 60 percent of the court opened 9/10 9/12 had acquitted 4 the day this one day strike met a major impact. joe vasquez cbs 5 sunnyvale police arrested two men in connection with a home invasion robbery this morning after 3:30 a.m. officers spotted men fleeing the house one man caught quickly police on
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the second man to hours later. the home owner was not injured. investigators look into what sparked a fire that gutted house in vallejo this morning at 4:00 a.m. flames reported on see wind drives. neighbors evacuate. a quick work by firefighter kept it contained. bill lockyer at the state treasurer filed from divorce from his wife on friday at the same day she crashed her car. she ran her many cooper into a power pole she went to the hospital purine police say alcohol not a factor now a lawyer resigned from alameda county board of supervisors after admitting to personal problems including an assault by an ex-boyfriend. the park in san jose where homeless people have been a problem the scene of more police
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activity kelley park located on center road across from san jose municipal stadium police and city workers posted the eviction notices and, the homeless camping is all longer tolerable by neighbors and the city. for have been several suspicious fires. homeless campers at 7 2 hours to get out. they've been trying to clean it up for a long time but then move and then it and then come back it is not cleaning up and the thing. campers have until thursday to evacuate city workers then start cleaning up the park. groupon makes good after breaking a state law on cubano you might be able to cash in. alzheimer's and sleep and too much or too little can affect memory more than you think more information how much sleep is
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good for your brain. pubs for panhandlers one bay area city program will helipads and the homeless one group wants to stop it.
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new details in the investigation of san francisco giant scar pablos sandoval santa cruz counting d.a. and says will not face charges after been accused of a sexual assault no physical evidence or testimony backs the klan by woman that scent of all assaults occurred at a resort last month. the sheriff's department issued a similar statement citing lack of evidence. mitt romney fights back as president obama on attacks the republicans' record as a job
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creator daniel nottingham reports on the campaign trail jabs. obama back on the campaign trail with a stop in cincinnati a new study out by non- partisan economist that said gov. romney's economic plan would create 800,000 jobs, one problem, the jobs would not be in america. the president's campaign launched a tv ad with headlines suggesting romney ship jobs overseas as head of bain capital obama supporters also slammed romney for not releasing more than two years of tax returns. romney is pushing back charging the president runs a negative campaign to avoid talking about his record on the economy. what does that say about a president whose records show
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pour all's we can do is attack me? romney advisers say the obama campaign ads are wrong. it continues to focus on the attacks even know fact check investigative journalists have shown gov. romney left bank in 1999. mitt romney in the south raising money for his campaign. danielle nottingham cbs news romney will be in the bay area and four series of fund raisers sunday, killing kendall lunch in woodside followed by two more events in san francisco president obama will be in alameda 43 fund-raisers. when city has found a way to make fast food health they how they did it and other cities will follow. they clan groupon broke the state coupons law you might be able to cash and you might be eligible for a refund.
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up to 16 degrees below normal and many neighborhoods the day now that will top off in the '90s eyewitness news continues.
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after developing story in placer county firefighters of cooler weather helped contain a 2,500 a. fire the robbers fire only 30 percent contained, 107 homes threatened residents have been evacuated more than 2100 firefighters on the lines. and a great benefit we have these resources available had been large fires in other areas that would of been taken away from here. pg&e crews helping out 183 cruised at defensible space around transmission lines. a proposal to find homes for needy dogs in san francisco pair panhandlers with puppies. one animal rights group wants to halt the program. both pete and the city have this
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and go, peta's says parent panhandlers with puppies is plan russian roulette with animals' lives. the city's experiment with homeless animals and people many chronic panhandlers battle with addiction and mental health issues. many animals are mistreated. the animal rights organization wants to cut a check in the amount of $10,000 people would rather pay than see the pilot program go through. that money is equal to the grant equal to launch the program the stipulation is to keep animals out the city says they're not buying it what he did talks about it sounds like a high school thing or you carry around a bag of flour. i don't understand what they think it will be achieved.
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the program paris and dogs with 10 people in city housing those who take care of the dogs get weekly stipends and that turned to be socialized shelters in this city seem more dogs every day. the reality the economic downturn has taken its toll on shelters throughout california san francisco no different we have ramp up our space and neuter program the city has faith in the program and says you cannot have one without the other. there is compassion on the part of those who are homeless i'm disappointed p that cannot tap into that humanity. the city says it will go through with the program next month and not to entertain peta's offers. bargain shoppers could get money back cbs 5 reporter julie
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watts says groupon could owe you money. $8.5 million miss you purchased a groupon before december 2011 you may have received an e-mail to the class action website groupon it makes no wrongdoing but agreed to settle the lawsuit that the expiration dates are illegal in states like california. it is a expected to be approved by the end of the weak claim forms on-line we have a link at cbs s f dot com. thanks to another landmark settlement you may lose money which total about the settlement with the visa mastercard stores may charge a fee to pay by credit card but in california state law prohibits credit card surcharges you still need to be my fault and other states. california consumer protections among the best in the nation. dog owners in eight states to offer better protection they believe contaminated chicken and
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treats from china second or killed their pets. they filed a lawsuit against an arena a the fda has been unable to identify and the specific toxins' responsible for illnesses even though it has been getting complaints against 2007 the fda cannot legally recall a product pet owners want stores and manufacturers to voluntarily recall. the fda inspected the plants that make the streets but will not release the results. it has issued a warning about treats made in china. we should note this is not the only brand facing scrutiny. united states faces the biggest drop in half a century hitting midwest ranchers hard, it will likely drive up food
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prices, 55 percent of the continental u.s. in an extreme drought 80 percent is abnormally dry this summer climatologist label this year's dry spell a flashed out. roberta in the bay area i could not notice it was really missed the almost wrinkling. we have a de a marine layer. a great observation there. this is summertime in san francisco blanketed in a deck of low clouds and patchy fog. that is the scene now. in san francisco 59 degrees. very windy and outside winds gusted up to 30 mi. per hour, santa rosa cooled off to 67 degrees. a live look at mount diablo.
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winds up 229 miles per hour, officials sundown and a 30 p.m. with clouds spreading onshore we have a warm up by friday, right now watch future cast everything clouds over with the a marine layer, you see these green specks that is condensation takes on the rain of drizzle at times will see the clouds care off tomorrow the temperatures stay status quo. we average about six degrees below normal. as many as 16 degrees in santa rosa to the north. we have high-pressure in command we remain unseasonably cool 40's and 50's for overnight sleeping.
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'60s and '70s around the peninsula 73 for the most part across santa clara valid to the east bay up to 73 in brentwood. upper 60s for dublin. a strong west wind up to 20 mi. per hour. extended forecast calls for gradual warming up each and every day topping off in the '90s in the inland areas by friday and saturday and seasonal conditions. people in south bay breathe a big sigh of relief it is cooling down a. dental fillings good for your child's teeth could they be bad for behavior? the ingredient in some felons that may affect your child's mood.
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new at 5 hard evidence that fast food can be a bit healthier in 2006 new york a first u.s. city to ban trans fat and trans fats associated with heart disease, a study found after the restrictions the trans fat in the average lunch purchased at those restaurants dropped by 2 g. new evidence shows the right amount of good sleep may protect the brain from alzheimer's. researchers presented four different studies at the of summer's conference when report found to little or too much sleep ages the brain by two years, seven hours a night considered normal. ucsf scientists showed sleep apnea a greater risk of dementia. for children and united states to stick a the most common common chronic disease.
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a popular felling link to behavior problems dr. campbell felt reports is your got laid her annual checkup at the dentist she has had a few cavity's a new study looks at what's in a popular kind of dental filling made with a controversial chemical called bp a. the felons are the color of teeth. researchers found that children were likely have behavioral problems. at risk of depression or other psychological issues. it is used in plastics and canned goods it is banned from baby bottles and sit teacups. the researchers stress they did not measure bp levels in children unclear if the chemical is responsible for the problem. i would not avoid dental
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fillings because of this one risk dentist says there are bp a free options, which is what her practice offers. we come here so the kids have safe products dentists say the best advice is to prescience of regular day so felons are never needed. another ted don't put your child to bed with a baby bottle going to sleep will expose the baby's teeth to excess of sugars. they can affect the health of your baby's permanent teeth. no sugar no candy. will be right back.
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i'm dana king here's what we're working on 4 6:00 news state parks are on the chopping block officials were cashing in how they're accused of using unused vacation time to pad their paychecks. when you're behind the will to you reach the boiling point which take a look inside the psychology of road rage. those stories and more at 6:00 p.m. thank you for watching cbs evening news with scott pelley next latest news and weather at
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cbs s f dot com have an good night everyone. >> pelley: tonight, it's now the y:ggest drought in more than half a century. anna werner reports the dry weather covers more than half the continental united states. >> we've never seen a drought like this. >> pelley: the international red cross declares the conflict in syria a civil war. >> there's no doubt in my mind that this regime is at the beginning of what will be a painful end. >> pelley: margaret brennen talks to secretary of state clinton. as the first athletes arrive for the olympics, elizabeth palmer reports the british are struggling with security. and dean reynolds on the lives left in ruins in a town that put its hope in the man they called


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